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joseph smilepoet at vfemail.net
Tue Sep 25 22:31:56 BST 2012

That is really among the things I am trying to work out. From what I 
have read I don't think the custom fields have the flexibility I'm 
hoping for; that applies to colour (grey) and thumbnail and links. I 
started with wanting the top to sit above the title. That will be part 
of the book title or subject area so it is clear what book(s) each blog 
relates to. "Humour" is one of those tops, for example,

I thought if I could do that, then it would be a good idea to add a 
direct action link to some content and so on at the end. I started from 
thinking template, but then I have really got lost because the template 
instructions I've found offer no advice on how to put any of this into 
effect. I thought the single and page php files might pick up the bits 
of text from text files; but I'd still be uncertain if I could place 
them properly without a clear guide.

One of the actual post templates I'm seeking would have "Humour" at the 
top with the title below, then blog content, then the links piece, and 
then the normal category plus. The bottom bit could always be cut and 
pasted, of course. But I have no other way to get a line above the blog 
title unless it can be done with a template. What I've seen of custom 
fields is that it shows the field name, a colon, and then the field 
content. And I don't want that, certainly not the colon. And I don't see 
how to get it above the blog title.

The other possibility, I thought, was to actually put the text into the 
Template, in the two places I want it. But I am completely lost on the 
way to do the coding for it. Neither text would change for a template; 
though each template would have different text. I think most thoughts on 
template are about appearance, rather than wording, which is why I can't 
find guidance on the net for what I'm attempting.


> Where are the "top and tail" coming from?  Is it a custom field.
> Chris
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> Chris,
> Thanks very much for the response. My reasoning is this:
> Normal posts appear as
> Title
> Content
> Categories and tags etc
> What I want is
> Strap
> Title
> Content
> Tailpiece with link material
> Categories and tags etc
> Each strap will be set words that will appear across a number of posts; one
> has 40 ready and will add more. I anticipate at least a half dozen other
> groups with similar numbers of straps and tailpieces [all appearing over a
> longish period]. I plan they should be in small capitals and grey. Of course
> I know these are dynamic files, but my problem is not seeing how I can make
> that happen.
> I'm thinking there is some template html text to call up. But I am
> half-remembering that that would appear in or be called up by the template
> php file. I am just not certain how to get to where I want to be from where
> I am.
> I do follow the basic of that starting position - set up a template file,
> and thank you for confirming that I'd learnt that. The step that I can't
> take is how to add to the file to get that top and tail. So far what I have
> read doesn't even touch on straps on displayed content; and how to pick up
> the repeat in each template. I am probably being even more dense that usual.
> Thinking html it would be something like this for order:
> <h4 "colour=grey">this is the repeat strap</h4>  <normal blog-title>  freedom
> is hard won</blog-title>  Lots of normal guff<a>repeat link to book and
> content with thumbnail</a>  <normal category and tags>
> And it is the "modify the template page as needed" that I draw a blank on.
> Would I modify this:<?php boozurk_featured_title( array( 'featured' =>  true
> ) ); ?>  ? I looks unlikely; if not, is there a way of putting that strap
> before the title?
> Joseph
>> Why do you think you need to turn it into a template?  WordPress
>> automatically knows which file to use (index.php, page.php or single.php).
>> Your theme doesn't have a category.php, archive.php or archives.php,
>> and themes do not need them.
>> If you really need to create a custom Page template do a Save As and
>> give it a name, e.g., custom-page.php (use either the index.php or
>> page.php) and then add the following to the very top:
>> <?php
>> /*
>> Template Name: Whatever you want to name it here,  e.g., Custom Page
>> */ ?>
>> Modify the template file as needed.  Then upload it and then select
>> the template from the dropdown in the WP Page admin (where you're
>> writing a new Page).
>> If you need a category specific template, you can use index.php file
>> and if the category number was 6 then you save it as category-6.php.
>> WP will automatically pick it up.
>> Chris
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>> I'm not sure if anyone feels like answering questions from me, but I
>> am seriously in need of a nudge.
>> I've been away from activity, though still in touch, for a few years.
>> Among the better reasons is that what was supposed to be a fairly
>> short poem of about 40 lines turned into a major project, and I now
>> have a long book that in its early, post-poem, days was going to be
>> short. So I am now setting up my website, as simply as possible using
>> Worpress and Boozurk theme [That theme because I want the book cover pic
> on the top left].
>> I will be puting this volume up initially. Later I will be adding both
>> those existing works, and those on the long to-do list I have. The
>> articles, blogs in this context - which relate to each area, need an
>> immediate visual distinction; My plan is to put a strap above the
>> normal article heading, as well as using categories, of course.
>> All the advice I have seen on templates leaves me pretty mystified,
>> perhaps because I don't recall enough php yet. I think the relevant
>> part of page.php is this:
>> <div id="posts_content">
>> <?php if ( have_posts() ) {
>>            while ( have_posts() ) {
>>                the_post(); ?>
>> <?php boozurk_hook_before_post(); ?>
>> <div<?php post_class() ?>   id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">   <?php
>> boozurk_extrainfo(); ?>  <?php boozurk_hook_before_post_title(); ?>
>> <?php boozurk_featured_title( array( 'featured' =>   true ) ); ?>
>> <?php boozurk_hook_after_post_title(); ?>   <?php
>> boozurk_hook_before_post_content(); ?>   <div class="storycontent">
>> <?php the_content(); ?>   </div>
>> I can't work out what to do to turn this into a template, and how or
>> where to place the page [and post which I believe will be similar]
>> that will be called to put that strap above the heading. And how to
>> make sure it will be called when that template is selected. In part I
>> am not sure where the page layout is kept; though I take it one simply
>> adds the strap which distinguishes that group of pages [and separately
>> posts] above the title code on that.
>> Many thanks for any advice.
>> Joseph

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