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Christina Lannen chris at lannendesigns.com
Tue Sep 25 20:36:27 BST 2012

Where are the "top and tail" coming from?  Is it a custom field.


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Thanks very much for the response. My reasoning is this:

Normal posts appear as
Categories and tags etc

What I want is

Tailpiece with link material
Categories and tags etc

Each strap will be set words that will appear across a number of posts; one
has 40 ready and will add more. I anticipate at least a half dozen other
groups with similar numbers of straps and tailpieces [all appearing over a
longish period]. I plan they should be in small capitals and grey. Of course
I know these are dynamic files, but my problem is not seeing how I can make
that happen.

I'm thinking there is some template html text to call up. But I am
half-remembering that that would appear in or be called up by the template
php file. I am just not certain how to get to where I want to be from where
I am.

I do follow the basic of that starting position - set up a template file,
and thank you for confirming that I'd learnt that. The step that I can't
take is how to add to the file to get that top and tail. So far what I have
read doesn't even touch on straps on displayed content; and how to pick up
the repeat in each template. I am probably being even more dense that usual.

Thinking html it would be something like this for order:

<h4 "colour=grey">this is the repeat strap</h4> <normal blog-title> freedom
is hard won</blog-title> Lots of normal guff <a>repeat link to book and
content with thumbnail</a> <normal category and tags>

And it is the "modify the template page as needed" that I draw a blank on.
Would I modify this: <?php boozurk_featured_title( array( 'featured' => true
) ); ?> ? I looks unlikely; if not, is there a way of putting that strap
before the title?


> Why do you think you need to turn it into a template?  WordPress 
> automatically knows which file to use (index.php, page.php or single.php).
> Your theme doesn't have a category.php, archive.php or archives.php, 
> and themes do not need them.
> If you really need to create a custom Page template do a Save As and 
> give it a name, e.g., custom-page.php (use either the index.php or 
> page.php) and then add the following to the very top:
> <?php
> /*
> Template Name: Whatever you want to name it here,  e.g., Custom Page 
> */ ?>
> Modify the template file as needed.  Then upload it and then select 
> the template from the dropdown in the WP Page admin (where you're 
> writing a new Page).
> If you need a category specific template, you can use index.php file 
> and if the category number was 6 then you save it as category-6.php.  
> WP will automatically pick it up.
> Chris
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> I'm not sure if anyone feels like answering questions from me, but I 
> am seriously in need of a nudge.
> I've been away from activity, though still in touch, for a few years.
> Among the better reasons is that what was supposed to be a fairly 
> short poem of about 40 lines turned into a major project, and I now 
> have a long book that in its early, post-poem, days was going to be 
> short. So I am now setting up my website, as simply as possible using 
> Worpress and Boozurk theme [That theme because I want the book cover pic
on the top left].
> I will be puting this volume up initially. Later I will be adding both 
> those existing works, and those on the long to-do list I have. The 
> articles, blogs in this context - which relate to each area, need an 
> immediate visual distinction; My plan is to put a strap above the 
> normal article heading, as well as using categories, of course.
> All the advice I have seen on templates leaves me pretty mystified, 
> perhaps because I don't recall enough php yet. I think the relevant 
> part of page.php is this:
> <div id="posts_content">
> <?php if ( have_posts() ) {
>           while ( have_posts() ) {
>               the_post(); ?>
> <?php boozurk_hook_before_post(); ?>
> <div<?php post_class() ?>  id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">  <?php 
> boozurk_extrainfo(); ?> <?php boozurk_hook_before_post_title(); ?>  
> <?php boozurk_featured_title( array( 'featured' =>  true ) ); ?>  
> <?php boozurk_hook_after_post_title(); ?>  <?php 
> boozurk_hook_before_post_content(); ?>  <div class="storycontent">  
> <?php the_content(); ?>  </div>
> I can't work out what to do to turn this into a template, and how or 
> where to place the page [and post which I believe will be similar] 
> that will be called to put that strap above the heading. And how to 
> make sure it will be called when that template is selected. In part I 
> am not sure where the page layout is kept; though I take it one simply 
> adds the strap which distinguishes that group of pages [and separately 
> posts] above the title code on that.
> Many thanks for any advice.
> Joseph
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