[wdvltalk-social] Question on Wordpress

joseph smilepoet at vfemail.net
Wed Sep 26 01:46:21 BST 2012


Your comments and questions are helping me to recall what the web 
developer's list taught me :-) , and I have just found my way to 
http://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop_in_Action#The_Loop_In_Other_Templates . 
This has more answers and I'll follow through links from there too. If I 
get really bright I may be able to go ahead from there, but I am sure 
I'll be asking more questions. Most likely for comments on code I've 


> That is really among the things I am trying to work out. From what I 
> have read I don't think the custom fields have the flexibility I'm 
> hoping for; that applies to colour (grey) and thumbnail and links. I 
> started with wanting the top to sit above the title. That will be part 
> of the book title or subject area so it is clear what book(s) each 
> blog relates to. "Humour" is one of those tops, for example,
> I thought if I could do that, then it would be a good idea to add a 
> direct action link to some content and so on at the end. I started 
> from thinking template, but then I have really got lost because the 
> template instructions I've found offer no advice on how to put any of 
> this into effect. I thought the single and page php files might pick 
> up the bits of text from text files; but I'd still be uncertain if I 
> could place them properly without a clear guide.
> One of the actual post templates I'm seeking would have "Humour" at 
> the top with the title below, then blog content, then the links piece, 
> and then the normal category plus. The bottom bit could always be cut 
> and pasted, of course. But I have no other way to get a line above the 
> blog title unless it can be done with a template. What I've seen of 
> custom fields is that it shows the field name, a colon, and then the 
> field content. And I don't want that, certainly not the colon. And I 
> don't see how to get it above the blog title.
> The other possibility, I thought, was to actually put the text into 
> the Template, in the two places I want it. But I am completely lost on 
> the way to do the coding for it. Neither text would change for a 
> template; though each template would have different text. I think most 
> thoughts on template are about appearance, rather than wording, which 
> is why I can't find guidance on the net for what I'm attempting.
> Joseph
>> Where are the "top and tail" coming from?  Is it a custom field.
>> Chris

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