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Sun Sep 11 01:24:11 BST 2011

J, as I said they operate on 'received' belief, which is neither rational or based in reality, or to put it another way they are

As I limped up the street yesterday to get some essential supplies between games (Yes Joseph, it was some more whisky) I was struck
by the strange atmosphere, it took a moment to realise that there was absolutely no traffic noise. In fact the only vehicle I saw
was a scheduled bus ambling past ( with not a soul on board apart from the driver ).

They weren't exaggerating when they said this RWC would have a stadium of four million people.

As good as the Romania/Scotland game was, the Japan v France was a thriller, the Japanese came close to a real upset, the French
only sealing the game in the last 10 minutes.

Of course I have to disclose the the Brave Blossoms ( Cherry Blossoms are the Sevens side ) are the second New Zealand team in the
competition. with six New Zealanders on the field for Japan in that match, and the man of the match was one of that contingent.

It's a pity that the fourth NZ side, England, had only one kiwi on the field, if they had had more on side they may have performed
better. I was looking forward to the England v Argentine game to be the best match of the day but in fact it was without doubt
simply the worst display of rugby on the day. The England all black strip didn't help, it looked wrong and fake.......even the UK
Sky sports commentators were dismissive, talking about the "real" All Blacks when talking about England's dismal performance - oh
they won, just.

Trivia comment: I wonder how NBC is going to cope with the display of naked male buttocks at the start of every RWC match....... :)

Michael Ensor, Wellington, N.Z.

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