[wdvltalk-social] RWC

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sat Sep 10 10:55:25 BST 2011

On 10/09/2011 05:31, edc_quik at ihug.co.nz wrote:
> Some trivia:
> USA play Russia at New Plymounth next week, some USA supporters are sporting T-shirts saying"bring it on - WW III"
> Michael Ensor, Wellington, N.Z.

Would that they would take cricket that seriously here! Here we are at 
no 1, for the first time since I don't know when,
---diversion: that is to say the men's team, the women have been at no 
one since for ever, and get completely ignored---
and the y get hardly a mention in the sports news, never mind the news. 
Still not really British to win, it seems.



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