[wdvltalk-social] broadband woes

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Thu May 1 15:34:11 BST 2008

From: "David Precious"
> joseph harris wrote:

>>       ISP Connection Test
>>       Testing PPPoE server connectivity FAIL
> Since this failed, the rest has to fail.

Yes, it seems so...

> What's your ISP?  Do they definately use PPoE, or could it be 
> PPPoA?

They claim 'A' but it seems to be 'E' - then it is probably like 
PC world where however little you know it seems to be more than 
the staff!

> Do you have the correct VPI + VCI values?  (These are the path 
> + circuit
>  identifiers; here in the UK they're 0, 38 - but they may vary 
> where
> you are.
> Cheers
> Dave P

Well, so far as I know Ken hasn't yet declared The Independent 
State of Londistan, so I think I'm still i nthe UK  ;-) - that 
may change after today of course....

Yes I have the values, but strangely we almost abandoned the 
whole thing and looked round for a cat to kick, when, suddenly, 
it was working perfectly in the very early hours this am!   So 
there seems to have been some problem at their server, even 
though it was pinging..

Heigh Ho, till the next time...

Joseph, with many thanks for your help. 

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