[wdvltalk-social] am I being scammed

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Mon Mar 17 17:57:36 GMT 2008

From: "David Precious"

On 03/17/08 09:17, joseph harris wrote:
> I am changing my old jalopy for another old jalopy.   I have 
> put an
> ad in Ad-Mart online.
> So far it has got two replies, both in poor english, and I 
> smell a
> possible scam.

If it smells fishy, it probably is :)

If they start mentioning things like "I'll send you a cheque for 
X, you
cash it, take the sale price and give the rest to my
representative/shipping agent who will come to collect the car" 
tell them where they can stick it, that's the most blatant scam 

> Has anyone specific advice on spotting this [like saying they 
> will
> pay by check when old jalopies usually pass for cash - unless 
> they
> are old enough to be 'vintage'  ;-)].

Send it along in plain text and we can all let you know what we 
think :)

I sold my car recently, I listed it on Autotrader's website and 
within a
few hours I had a few obvious scam emails. <snip>


There are similarities, but maybe less sophisticated.   Here's no 

first messge:   Hi,
 i was surfing through when i came ac cross your advert and am 
interested in purchasing the item in question.please get back to 
me with the current price and condition if it is still up for 

Regards  you can contact me on my mail  cabotben at yahoo.com

second message:
Hi Joseph Harris,
     Thanks for your mail and am happy to here from you as to 
come for the Car I travel to bruslie in benjium for a business 
trip i will come back on wednesday so i will implore you to keep 
the car for me and get back with your final asking price i will 
also like you to come along with the pic so as to made payment by 
cheque availble toyou okey .......


Here's no 2:
first message:    Message :
With the intension of purchasing this Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 
Diplomat  from you, I'll like you to email me the condition of 
the it and the asking price you want for it, If you have the 
pictures you can email it to me as well. email me via 
alfredtommas at gmail.com

Like to read from you soon

The item Below

Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 Diplomat

Alfred Thomas

second message:   Joseph, I'll like to inform you that I'm ready 
to offer you a good
money for the car if you can sell it for me. I'm so much in luv 
the car.

Send me the picture and tell me if you gonna sell it for me.


And it seems, as I re-read, that scam is most likely.   I'll 
forward the pics and see what develops.   Let you know if they 
think they are reeling me in!


PS  Anyone want to buy an old jalopy...   ;-)

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