[wdvltalk-social] phase II ----- am I being scammed

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Tue Mar 18 17:05:50 GMT 2008

And from 'Alfred' the first big move:

'Thanks for your swift response, Please tell me where you are 
located. Let me know if I can come over to your location or send 
my moving company and my engineer for inspection.

Hope to read back from you soon


> From: "David Precious"
> On 03/17/08 09:17, joseph harris wrote:
>> I am changing my old jalopy for another old jalopy.   I have
>> put an
>> ad in Ad-Mart online.
>> So far it has got two replies, both in poor english, and I
>> smell a
>> possible scam.
> If it smells fishy, it probably is :)
> If they start mentioning things like "I'll send you a cheque 
> for
> X, you
> cash it, take the sale price and give the rest to my
> representative/shipping agent who will come to collect the car"
> then
> tell them where they can stick it, that's the most blatant scam
> going.
>> Has anyone specific advice on spotting this [like saying they
>> will
>> pay by check when old jalopies usually pass for cash - unless
>> they
>> are old enough to be 'vintage'  ;-)].
> Send it along in plain text and we can all let you know what we
> think :)
> I sold my car recently, I listed it on Autotrader's website and
> within a
> few hours I had a few obvious scam emails. <snip>
> David,
> There are similarities, but maybe less sophisticated.   Here's 
> no
> 1:
> first messge:   Hi,
> i was surfing through when i came ac cross your advert and am
> interested in purchasing the item in question.please get back 
> to
> me with the current price and condition if it is still up for
> sale......
> Regards  you can contact me on my mail  cabotben at yahoo.com
> second message:
> Hi Joseph Harris,
>     Thanks for your mail and am happy to here from you as to
> come for the Car I travel to bruslie in benjium for a business
> trip i will come back on wednesday so i will implore you to 
> keep
> the car for me and get back with your final asking price i will
> also like you to come along with the pic so as to made payment 
> by
> cheque availble toyou okey .......
> Ben
> Here's no 2:
> first message:    Message :
> With the intension of purchasing this Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0
> Diplomat  from you, I'll like you to email me the condition of
> the it and the asking price you want for it, If you have the
> pictures you can email it to me as well. email me via
> alfredtommas at gmail.com
> Like to read from you soon
> The item Below
> Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 Diplomat
> Regards
> Alfred Thomas
> second message:   Joseph, I'll like to inform you that I'm 
> ready
> to offer you a good
> money for the car if you can sell it for me. I'm so much in luv
> with
> the car.
> Send me the picture and tell me if you gonna sell it for me.
> Alfred
> And it seems, as I re-read, that scam is most likely.   I'll
> forward the pics and see what develops.   Let you know if they
> think they are reeling me in!
> Joseph
> PS  Anyone want to buy an old jalopy...   ;-)

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