[wdvltalk-social] Politics2: Kapersky

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Thu Feb 28 09:00:42 GMT 2008

We had some silly parties in the heady eighties.   They serve a 
very useful purpose and can force debate on thorny issues.   But 
the electoral problem with Lewis-Duckworth is that no one can 
explain it, much less propose an alternative, and we're a bit 
short of swords to cut gordian knots.

Still, what can be sillier - and equally murky, than the tax 
system and MPs' perks?   I think if Ralph Nader was a bit sillier 
he'd get more American votes.   Look at Obama ;-) [no policy, 
just left with the smile].   Pity couch potatoes don't read 

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>> Joseph,

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