[wdvltalk-social] Don't pick Chris up unless you want to get shot

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Wed Feb 20 01:41:43 GMT 2008

OH MY GOD! Chris, I think the moral of the story could also be  "it is 
better to be late than early!" The poor girl! There she is trying to be a 
good friend/co-worker and environmentally friendly - terrible. I hope she 
will be ok and that they caught the culprit. Lucky it was only her leg, and 
that all of you were not attacked.  I guess you are probably traumatized by 
this too, or do you feel a little exhilarated by the value of life. Virtual 
flowers, chocolate and champers. xxkate

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>I know the sick humor bit.  Sometimes humor helps the pain.
> My new name is "Don't pick Chris up unless you want to get shot".  Quick 
> and
> dirty explanation:  a co-worker was picking me up in the morning, she was
> early so she was waiting at the bottom of the drive....a bad guy came 
> along
> and robbed her, and while he was rummaging in the front his gun went off 
> and
> he shot her in the thigh.
> We are both okay.  I dealt with the police while another co-worker (who
> lives on the same property as I do) took her to the hospital.
> Chris

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