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He wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch.  He robbed a local store the next
day and they deal primarily with checks and he got maybe $25 in cash, and
nothing from Kelly except her car keys and cell phone.  The bullet went
through her thigh into her calf, came out by her shin, and then hit the
speaking in the door and took out the entire electrical system in the car.
Kelly is okay.  She's limping a bit.

I was always early and waiting for her except that morning.  Kelly was early
for a change. When I was walking down (the drive is really long) I heard the
shot, but at that spot couldn't see the end of the drive, and as soon I
walked a bit further I saw her car and the guy running away.  Her doors were
closed so I thought the absolute worse, but then she opened the driver's
side door and got out, clutching her thigh and said she'd been shot.  I
turned around and ran up to my place to call 911, and while talking with
them ran across the pool patio to my other co-worker's place (she usually
just telecommutes) while talking with the 911 operator, and told her Kelly
had been shot and needed to go to the hospital.  Anna took Kelly to the
hospital and I waited for the police to arrive.

By the time the police were finished with me, Anna had gotten home, and at
that point I had my melt down (the adrenalin was gone).  My landlady gave me
something to take, and my best girlfriend came over and stayed with me until
I fell asleep.  Of course after we watched a bit of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

But the best is that we are okay.


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OH MY GOD! Chris, I think the moral of the story could also be  "it is 
better to be late than early!" The poor girl! There she is trying to be a 
good friend/co-worker and environmentally friendly - terrible. I hope she 
will be ok and that they caught the culprit. Lucky it was only her leg, and 
that all of you were not attacked.  I guess you are probably traumatized by 
this too, or do you feel a little exhilarated by the value of life. Virtual 
flowers, chocolate and champers. xxkate

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>I know the sick humor bit.  Sometimes humor helps the pain.
> My new name is "Don't pick Chris up unless you want to get shot".  Quick 
> and
> dirty explanation:  a co-worker was picking me up in the morning, she was
> early so she was waiting at the bottom of the drive....a bad guy came 
> along
> and robbed her, and while he was rummaging in the front his gun went off 
> and
> he shot her in the thigh.
> We are both okay.  I dealt with the police while another co-worker (who
> lives on the same property as I do) took her to the hospital.
> Chris
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