[dancer-users] Explicitly defining location of config.yml (current hitch on path to running Dancer as a service)

Nik Mitev nik at mitev.eu
Thu Sep 15 13:55:23 BST 2016


I have  a small app running on a server for restricted use, and want to
have it as a standard service.
Unfortunately DaemonTools is not available as an official rpm for Red
Hat, so I can't use it. I installed Ubic and tried with that, but gave
it up when I could not find a way to get it to work under HTTPS.

As a last resort wrote a loader script which uses Systemd::Daemon and
runs as a simple supervisor service which starts/reloads/stops the
Dancer app.
So far so good, but the app once started does not seem to pick up
config.yml, and the database connection information in there - so the
app is running but cant do anything.
The problem seems to be that when started in this way it uses / as the
working directory, and there is no way to tell plackup to look elsewhere
for the config.

I tried this and that, but failing so far.

Happy to change the approach, but really hoping to be able to keep all
dependencies of the finished product within perl and my perlbrew folder.


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