[dancer-users] Explicitly defining location of config.yml (current hitch on path to running Dancer as a service)

Nik Mitev nik at mitev.eu
Fri Sep 16 10:27:13 BST 2016


A quick update, to make sure no one wastes time answering my initial
Location of the config file is not the issue - within my main app file
(where the routes are defined), the config hash contains all of the
configuration, and the config.yml location. In a plugin I wrote however
a part of the configuration is missing - not even all of it.
All that's left is for me to figure out why :)


On 15/09/16 13:55, Nik Mitev wrote:
> Hi,
> I have  a small app running on a server for restricted use, and want to
> have it as a standard service.
> Unfortunately DaemonTools is not available as an official rpm for Red
> Hat, so I can't use it. I installed Ubic and tried with that, but gave
> it up when I could not find a way to get it to work under HTTPS.
> As a last resort wrote a loader script which uses Systemd::Daemon and
> runs as a simple supervisor service which starts/reloads/stops the
> Dancer app.
> So far so good, but the app once started does not seem to pick up
> config.yml, and the database connection information in there - so the
> app is running but cant do anything.
> The problem seems to be that when started in this way it uses / as the
> working directory, and there is no way to tell plackup to look elsewhere
> for the config.
> I tried this and that, but failing so far.
> Happy to change the approach, but really hoping to be able to keep all
> dependencies of the finished product within perl and my perlbrew folder.
> Cheers,
> Nik
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