[dancer-users] dancer app feature: alternate templating system

Warren Young warren at etr-usa.com
Tue May 6 22:29:58 BST 2014

I've just been playing with the "dancer" command again to get someone 
else started with Dancer.  This made me remember some difficulties I had 
getting started with Dancer myself.

It would have been most useful to have a flag that lets you choose an 
alternate templating system.  The files generated for TT require enough 
changes to make them work with other templating systems that unless you 
already know what the differences have to be, it's somewhat difficult to 
figure out where to start.

Also, I noticed that the generated main.tt page hard-codes the paths to 
the app.  It should use settings.appdir instead.  You notice this when 
you copy the web app to another path and re-launch it.

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