[dancer-users] session JSON with é à

Hugues hugues at max4mail.com
Thu May 8 09:21:59 BST 2014

I found a strange problem with my D1 app

in my config.yml

charset: "UTF-8"
template: "template_toolkit"
encoding: 'utf8'
start_tag: '[%'
end_tag: '%]'

serializer: 'JSON'
session: 'JSON'

all characters with accent appear encoding

cat sessions/142370789218895586385667162125359748.json | jq .

"MemoAction": "2014-05-08 001 RESET-ARRET/MARCHE 
���©���©���© \r\n",
"MemoPanne": " 2014-05-08 001 PB BATTERIE 
���©���©���©���© \r\n"

if I use session: 'YAML' in config.yml all is ok

cat sessions/295483594817224343797619192129361122.yml

MemoAction: "2014-05-08 001 RESET-ARRET/MARCHE éééé \r\n"
MemoPanne: " 2014-05-08 001 PB BATTERIE \r\n2014-05-08 001 PB BATTERIE 
ééé \r\n"

I do something special with json session ?, I tried to encode/decode 
without success
( all this text come from web user )


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