[dancer-users] Questions about distributing Dancer2 applications

Maxwell Carey mcarey at ucar.edu
Tue May 6 23:12:15 BST 2014

On 05/06/2014 03:22 PM, Cymon wrote:
> In my opinion, releasing your app the way you want it's... well, not
> releasing it. I think that if your only need is to make users
> download your app and using it you should just make a tarball out of it
> and find a smart way to manage dependencies.

Considering your answer to my second question, this is the route I'll go 
for now. `make tardist` and tell my users (read, co-workers) what 
dependencies to install.

> Releasing your app (that is still releasing a perl module, at last)
> must involve your local repository and its paths because that's the
> essence of a release.
> Actualy there's no problem placing your app in a common @INC path and
> using it in a Dancer2 project. Your app is a perl module so, in your
> bin/app.pl, you can just import it with a use directive:
>   #!/usr/bin/env perl
>   use FindBin;
>   use lib "$FindBin::Bin/../lib";
>   use Your::Released::App;
>   Your::Released::App->dance;
> It's what I do here:
> https://github.com/cym0n/strehler/blob/master/src/lib/Strehler/Installation.pod
> Ok, you'll need a bit of fine tuning about relative paths, but nothing
> impossibile to do.

This is good to know. I guess it makes sense that as long as the module 
is in @INC you can use it, no matter where app.pl is.

> 2.
> Well, why hardcoding the server? Very few HTML magic is needed:
> <a href="/foo">foo</a>

*facepalm* I knew that... Thank you, you've saved me from some horrific 

> A brutal find and replace in your code putting the server name is, in
> my opinion, a very bad idea. If you need the explicit name in the pages
> just make it an entry in the config.yml and then write a little piece
> of code adding this entry in every template parameters hash.
> Talking about static elements and release question (as at 1.). If you
> realese "the real way" your app probably you statics elements (your
> public directory) will go in a very dark and gloomy place, difficult to
> be served by a webserver. For this, I suggest you to create a script
> that "sync" the public directory of the deployed app with the contents
> in your package.

Also helpful advice. Thank you very much.

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