[dancer-users] Using Dancer2 as a website framework

Greg Kempe gregkempe at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 11:21:29 BST 2013


I'm hoping for the community's input on whether Dancer is an appropriate framework for our project.

We're building a website that wraps functionality exposed by an existing Perl EPP library. Perl has great EPP support and we don't want to re-implement that library in another language. In the medium term, the website will need to offer a fairly rich user experience that calls out to other databases and services beyond this one library.

We're exploring two options:

 1. use Dancer to build the entire website
 2. use Dancer to power a thin REST API around the library and use another framework (eg. in Python) to build the rich website experience.

Our requirements include:

 * move quickly, use the right tool for the job (ie. favour re-using components over building everything from scratch)
 * modern website tooling, such as SASS for CSS, good HTML form support, model validation
 * well documented and mature software
 * relatively easy for other devs to work on the project later

I'm deliberately trying to avoid a language flame war. Rather, I'm evaluating based on the size and maturity of the User Experience/UI section of the Perl community. Dancer seems well placed for API servers, but the web dev communities seem to be focused around Ruby, Python, Node etc. which is making me lean toward option (2) above. Is that a reasonable evaluation?

What do you all think? 

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