[Dancer-users] Dancer-Boilerplate

Assaf Gordon gordon at cshl.edu
Tue Jul 3 04:56:32 CEST 2012

On 07/02/2012 10:28 PM, Naveed Massjouni wrote:
> However, there are a few things in the mojo version that I think we
> could really benefit from.

> For example, the navigation bar at the top with the
> login/logout/signup stuff. I end up needing that for almost every app
> I build. Also, notice that they have a built in photo slide show and
> gallery. That would be really neat to have, but maybe not as
> important.

I guess this is a trade-off between having a lean&mean template, that's easy to start working with and doesn't have any bloat,
or a full-blown examples of many bootstrap/dancer interactions (like nav-bar, forms, etc.).

I do like they idea of having many *working* examples of bootstrap + dancer, where one can just copy&paste them and have it working (bootstrap, IMHO, is notorious with bad examples - and even the mojo website doesn't have it working properly :) ).

On the other hand, I'd like to keep the template small and clean, so that a user wouldn't have to start "cleaning up crapware" in the PM file when he/she starts a new Dancer app.

Perhaps we could put working examples (and add more and more) in a different PM file?
and so the base template would be lean, but we'll have working examples in a separate file...

I think I could manage something tonight, I'll push it and we'll go from there.

To be continued...

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