[Dancer-users] Dancer-Boilerplate

Naveed Massjouni naveedm9 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 04:28:07 CEST 2012

On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 8:11 PM, Assaf Gordon <gordon at cshl.edu> wrote:
> On 07/02/2012 07:18 PM, Naveed Massjouni wrote:
>> It would be awesome if someone ported this to Dancer:
>> http://boilerplate-tudorconstantin.dotcloud.com
>> https://github.com/tudorconstantin/Mojolicious-Boilerplate
> I think this is pretty similar:
>   http://cowbell.cancan.cshl.edu/
> But if there are any useful/cool features that they have and we don't, I can
> add them.
> <shameless plug>
> Note that their template has "bootstrap" hard-coded in the git repository -
> so to update bootstrap *after* you instantiated their template, you'd have
> to do it manually (assuming you can't pull from their repository any more,
> because you've started your own git repository with the real project).
> While my template allows you to update to the latest bootstrap version with
> one easy script, without harming anything (and also saves the previous
> version, just in case).
> Also,
> Their template has the mis-feature of using just one CSS in the main layout
> (bootstrap.css), so for a real project with custom CSS settings, you'll have
> to either:
> 1. Create a new custom CSS (easy, but more manual work - so their template
> could be improved)
> 2. update "bootstrap.css" directly (not recommended, because then you can't
> easily upgrade bootstrap)
> 3. Change the CSS inlined in the layout files - bad form.
> My template already contains "./public/style.css" (empty by default) that is
> included after bootstrap.css and overrides it - so if you add your own CSS
> statement and then upgrade bootstrap - it just works out of the box.
> Also(2),
> My template has "font-awesome" integrated (overriding Bootstrap's
> glyphicons) and easily upgradable, which is way cooler :)
> </shameless plug>
> -gordon

I am pleased to see that your Dancer version is architected better as
you note above. That's what I have come to expect from the Dancer
community :) However, there are a few things in the mojo version that
I think we could really benefit from. For example, the navigation bar
at the top with the login/logout/signup stuff. I end up needing that
for almost every app I build. Also, notice that they have a built in
photo slide show and gallery. That would be really neat to have, but
maybe not as important. I will move this conversation to github
[https://github.com/agordon/dancer_bootstrap_fontawesome_template] so
we can track these feature requests better and so maybe I can
contribute instead of just complaining :)

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