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Franni Vincent franni at cantab.net
Thu Sep 8 12:47:39 BST 2011

You should come to our village - the elderly drivers have our local doctor
wrapped round their little fingers, & any health check is merely a rubber
stamp on their own assertion that they are perfectly fit to drive. Of
course, in twenty years time if I'm still driving I may be glad of this, as
there will be no public transport left in our rural area by then.

My son was over here for a couple of weeks & imported his Middle Eastern
driving habits (he was teaching in Qatar "five shopping malls & sand" , has
just moved on to Dubai - "70 shopping malls & sand". ...  texting while on
the motorway is allegedly perfectly legal in most Arab states?  So he told


On 8 September 2011 12:07, joseph harris <smilepoet at vfemail.net> wrote:

> Sounds like Florida  :-) . Though I have just learnt there's a driving test
> every eight years there. Even here, now I'm past a certain age, there's a
> three year check on health suitability to get behind the wheel.
> We have a comedienne here, of Nigerian descent, who makes half her act
> about Nigerian drivers who do exactly what you describe. What leaves me open
> mouthed is drivers on their mobiles [cell phones] entering traffic or doing
> complex manouevres with a seeming blank about other cars. Open- but
> active-mouthed when they do it in front of me.
> Joseph
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