[wdvltalk-social] On (TV) set top boxes

edc_quik@ihug.co.nz edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Thu Sep 8 05:18:06 BST 2011

I have left it too late to get a new set top box in time for the RWC......
my current hard drive may be too small to save all 48 games,,,,,:(

A 2 hour movie takes 2% of the hard drive, but sports actually consume more space because the background changes with greater
frequency....my planner tells me that 6% disc space will be required for the first game tomorrow....

similarly I suppose that 3D will also require even more space, although only the semi-finals and final will be broadcast in 3D...

I have decided I am not going to get a 3D TV until they have better quality glasses free  for 'domestic' viewing, although there is
a 'good' receiver currently in development for 'commercial and corporate use' :

":  The 3D TV Box is another recent development in 3D TV without glasses technology.
The Hungarian company have demonstrated a Tridelity 65 inch LCD 3D
autostereoscopic 3D combined with the prototype version of the Box. The
technology works by taking a standard 3D image and transmitting it to the Box to
be displayed. The 3D TV Box takes the image and projects it on to the TV display
at the same depth you see when using 3D glasses on most 3D sets, and can take
content from Internet, satellite, cable or any other services that currently
offer streaming 3D content solutions"   from CNET

Michael Ensor, Wellington, N.Z.

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