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Christina Lannen chris at lannendesigns.com
Thu Sep 8 02:16:17 BST 2011

Maybe one that forms in the Gulf will.  A neighbor, well a former neighbor
that moved up the hill, is from Austin and is visiting family right now, and
she posted some photos on Facebook.

Maybe God is unhappy with Rick Perry. :-)  I'm trying to remember which
idiotic politician who said Irene was a sign from God.  I think God, if
there is one, could come up with something a little more creative.

I thought that Nate might...well the bottom tip of TX looks like it might
get some. 


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Would you please tell one of them to head to Texas not the east coast? We
really need rain here, over 100,000 acres have burned in the last week. This
morning's count was approx.. 1,000 destroyed dwellings.

Cheryl D Wise
twitter: cdwise

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Christina Lannen
> I'm sitting here waiting for TS Maria.  She'll be nearby this weekend.
> Irene went directly over us.
> It is so that time of the year here.

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