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Thu Sep 8 02:03:19 BST 2011

Hehe, no rest for the "wicked".

By the way the USA rugby team got an unusual welcome in Wanganui, their base city, they got packed into a waka [Maori canoe] and
on a trip down the Whanganui river (don't ask why the different spellings,lol)
Michael Ensor, Wellington, N.Z.
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: Well, there is life in this list yet. So good to hear from you (and David)
: though I'd have never guessed who it was from the message sender. <g>
: I'm about to hit the road again. This will be my third 1,200+ mile trip on
: my Piaggio BV this year.
: Cheryl D Wise
: Ride reports on my blog http://cheryldwise.com
: twitter: cdwise
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: > After destroying my email client and being utterly bollixed by Vodafone, I
: am
: > finally back online folks.....
: > Michael Ensor, Wellington, N.Z.
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