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Cheryl D Wise cdwise at wiserways.com
Thu Sep 9 14:52:07 BST 2010

Things are going well here. After paying off the mortgage on our home
(benefit of staying in the same house for almost 20 years) we bought what
will be our "semi-retirement" home at some point in the future (given the
way things are going with the world's economies who knows if we'll ever be
able to fully retire) but that's some ways off anyway. Here's some photos
from when we bought the house
Fortunately our business has been doing reasonably well but with a kid going
off to university next year I can only hope that it continues to do so. My
eldest thinks he wants to be an architect - traditional sort not software.
:) Youngest still has another 5 years to go before he reaches that stage. So
you can see that retirement will be a long way off for us. 

Joseph, I don't think I ever had a quarter pound of sweets a week. Though I
don't think I'd have cared for rationing at all, especially the small
allotments of meat, powdered egg and other things I've read about in the UK
during WWII. In the US there was rationing but it was more along the lines
of gas, tires and oil (both cooking and lubricants) from what I understand.

I'm glad to see more activity on this list.

Cheryl D Wise
twitter: cdwise

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From: smile-poetry

And how is Christine; and Dave? Cheryl, Robert, Violet - who else?

Matt, lovely to hear all is well with you.

Nice to see the way the 70th anniversary of the Blitz is being handled; good
to do this while so many of those who had to fight in the armed services and
face the tasks of the constantly bombed home front are still alive. I lived
through the period and suffered the rationing for years afterwards. Quarter
pounds of sweets A WEEK! Come on now, hankies out  ;-).

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