[wdvltalk-social] urgent question- does anybody know???

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sat Oct 30 18:56:10 BST 2010

Thanks Joe and Violet.

I couldn't see how the information could be there, but hadn't heard of it before. That 'well known' is the only thing that surprised me. Where have I been all my life ;-).

I just needed that last bit of certainty. Well, something I can pass on if required.


From: "Joe Fawcett" 
> No, it's a well known fraud. I always appear interested and ask them to hold
> while I check. At least they have to pay for the call.
> Joe
> On 30 Oct 2010 17:11, "smile-poetry" <smile-poetry at vfemail.net> wrote:
>> I have just received the oddest of phone calls.
>> Someone sounding very gutteral in an Indian way, but claiming to be in the
> UK, and claiming to be connected to the 'International Routing System' tells
> me I have a 'junk virus'.
>> For checking they have given me two items of information:
>> Phone: 020 328 67078
>> link: www.E-Prosolutions.com.
>> After I had got them to speak clearly and slowly [sometimes] they informed
> me I have 5 minutes to save my computer!
>> Is there any possibility of this being real, since I cannot imagine the
> 'IRS' can either locate my computer, or connect it to my telephone number?
>> Joseph

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