[wdvltalk-social] urgent question- does anybody know???

smile-poetry smile-poetry at vfemail.net
Sat Oct 30 10:47:12 BST 2010

I have just received the oddest of phone calls.

Someone sounding very gutteral in an Indian way, but claiming to be in the UK, and claiming to be connected to the 'International Routing System' tells me I have a 'junk virus'.

For checking they have given me two items of information:
Phone: 020 328 67078
link: www.E-Prosolutions.com.

After I had got them to speak clearly and slowly [sometimes] they informed me I have 5 minutes to save my computer!

Is there any possibility of this being real, since I cannot imagine the 'IRS' can either locate my computer, or connect it to my telephone number?


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