[wdvltalk-social] is it topmail RIP?

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Mon Sep 14 22:26:21 BST 2009

I'm wondering how many people are still on the list. When Michael doesn't post for ages that's not a good sign ;-). Hey, Michael, not a word about Oz losing the Ashes? ;-) [No, you don't want me to explain cricket to you...]

I think there is a lot less web business about, though there does seem to be a solid basic design and development industry. Perhaps I should say less freelance work.  But the amount of maintenance and development must be huge. Where are discussions of them taking place?


From: "Cheryl D Wise" 
>I was wondering the same thing myself just the other day. I know it has been
> the vacation season but schools back in session for those of us with kids so
> I hope things will pick up.
> Cheryl D Wise
> http://by-expression.com
> Twitter: @cdwise
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> From: christine gregory
> Good to hear from you, I was thinking that the list was no more!  I haven't
> heard of topmail before, so sorry not to be able to help.  Christine
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