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Fri Oct 30 11:36:10 GMT 2009

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser. On the White Gold theme I wanted to change the banner colour, and so painted over in Serif Photo-plus, since PS was sulking, and saved in the prior format - png. Now the image won't open in anything at all!!!

My assumption is there is some sort of spoiler script to preserve the purity, even though none of the files are protected against writing. Or there is some special variant of png format used in Wordpress. Though neither of these convince me. 

I'm checking this kind of problem on three browsers. [Cache seems not to be a problem.] I've worked with EasyPHP [though on the other machine] long enough to know it is reliable, and really have only the ongoing problem that both machines are aging [in computer terms] and lack adequate memory and disc space.

If this leads to any thoughts I'd be glad to hear them; but I'm really doing only basic things and I don't think these problems should be occurring. That's in the sense that nothing else has otherwise flagged up a difficulty like bad image saving.

White Gold has only one style sheet, and the other did it all on forms - I didn't investigate further there because that one had so many files and stylesheets that the time loss would have been too much.

Christina, have you ever tried to change the post heading (title) colour? Why should that not work?


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From: "Cheryl D Wise" 
> Make sure you are working in the correct stylesheet and that in the PHP page
> there isn't an image or something loading on top. There may also be
> something loading in the site options as well depending on the theme and how
> it was coded.
> All sorts of weird things can be done with templates and there are times
> when someone hard codes something in the php pages.
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: joseph harris
> Yes, I'd got there, but changes made not one whit of difference. Well, I'm
> off to bed. Perhaps there'll be a eureka moment tomorrow. [Though I'm not
> holding my breath.]
> I think I'm stuck at the moment between a Wordpress variant [which can be
> 'easily' turned to a sophisticated website - plugins and widgets] and my one
> horse present site. A third option of a template script looks, offhand, like
> a lot of work without enough gain.
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