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Fri Oct 30 02:21:27 GMT 2009

Hi Cheryl,

Yes, I'd got there, but changes made not one whit of difference. Well, I'm off to bed. Perhaps there'll be a eureka moment tomorrow. [Though I'm not holding my breath.]

I think I'm stuck at the moment between a Wordpress variant [which can be 'easily' turned to a sophisticated website - plugins and widgets] and my one horse present site. A third option of a template script looks, offhand, like a lot of work without enough gain.


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From: "Cheryl D Wise" 
> Generally what you need to do is find what CSS class is applied to the part
> of the page you want to change and then you know what to change.
> Cheryl D Wise
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> From: joseph harris
> ;-) It is, but probably a bit too minimalist...  I am just about to look at
> White Gold; with that and ACMS, WP-andreas01 and That Elite lined up I
> should find one that answers enough wants!
> I'll try to get a viewable screenshot at least online when I've advanced
> enough with at least one.
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