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michael ensor edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Thu Feb 26 20:39:39 GMT 2009

Nah, a dark twelve months or so.......

The latest oilfield has just gone into production.

There are currently three rigs prospecting new potentially large fields...

We have a new, centre right government

The government is spending $41.5 millions on a house renovation

As from 1 April everyone gets a tax reduction, and for the next two
Aprils likewise......

The Blackcaps beat India in a Twenty20 world record scoring match

Interest rates are dropping, as is the NZ dollar, giving a boost to
the main sectors of the economy

The government signed a free trade agreement with China a
few months back

Oh and technically we are in a recession but will come out of it next
year and the share market was trading briefly at a five year low.
Sentiment ain't great but that in part reflects the negatives offshore...

The hydro lakes are fuller than they were, reducing the prospects
of power shortages. Auckland keeps getting blacked out [ that is
a positive :) ]

The Super14 Rugby Season has started. I have a freebie ticket to
the Indian Test match in Wellington 3 - 7 April

I have just received by courier a complimentary Official
All Blacks calendar courtesy of Sky TV Rugby Channel

Financially and economically we are better off than the UK :)

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: Indeed sir, I have sir. And the mountain heaves mightily to 
: bring forth a gnat...  ;-).
: Law aside, it is the matter of attitude that is so dangerous 
: if unchallenged. Actually my first thought was that ISPs did 
: not host, but I was disabused both as to the case where some 
: hosting does occur and caching, and the fact that the 
: definition in use widened understanding of 'ISP'. 'Words 
: mean what I want them to mean,' wrote the mathematical vicar 
: over a century ago.
: How's the slide into a rather dark decade or two going your 
: way? Roubini wonders if NZ is the next Iceland.
: Joseph

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