[wdvltalk-social] Firefox hogs the CPU...

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Fri Sep 12 21:33:56 BST 2008

I have been trying to work out why my desktop is almost crashing and slow sometimes to the point of somnolence. 

Two separate things come to light, both firefox matters. First it seems there is some odd function within firefox which holds back its appearance when called and a small window comes up saying a script has not completed. Then, I have no indication what, other things seems near standstill and i find firefox, which is not being called upon to do other than await instructions is hogging between 82 and 94% of the cpu.

Realising it could be anything from an addon or two that causes difficulties to a corruption in a file to not liking another program I wonder if anyone has experience/knowledge/ideas of what might be amiss.

I have not changed to version 3 and await a clear indication that it is problem free. Firefox previously seems to have run quite well, but the script problem started a few months ago.


Joseph Harris [I can always reinstate IE as default i suppose ;-)]
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