[wdvltalk-social] the devil is in the works

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sat May 10 12:11:12 BST 2008

Computers and true love never run smooth.

Oh wise ones!   I have three computers - a desktop and two laptops - connected through a switch to a plug which takes the signal via house electrics to another plug which converts the signal and links via modem/router to the outside world.   There are other places where plugs may be inserted...

One laptop - the newest, though not young - has great difficulty in maintaining or reconnecting its link to virtual reality.   This is a Dell Inspiron 1300.   While the others occasionally appear to go off for a game of cards this one seems to concentrate of the pleasures of the virtual flesh and seems unable to concentrate on its formal task.

Connecting and reconnecting wires sometimes works but mostly not.   Running XP2 Home connection diagnostic occasionally settles matters, mostly not.   Restarting seems to settle it as well.

Has anyone a view on what might be happening here?   And how it might be cured - the way to save the bacon?   ;-)

TIA, indeed many TIA.

Joseph Harris   [Oh, And how the hell do you kill windows installer?]
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