[wdvltalk-social] OT ;-) coldfusion

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Thu May 8 01:37:53 BST 2008

From: "Christina Lannen"
> I'm tired so the following may just be a tad bitchy, but what 
> is it with
> clients that at the very beginning don't want to pay one red 
> cent, or just
> don't care about it...then come back and ask why no one is 
> finding them?
> And still don't want to pay anything.  Like duh!
> Chris

The pity in this case Chris is that he doesn't mind paying, and 
in fact is hard to teach that sometimes good money can be thrown. 
You may be right about how the site has been done, which could 
easily explain the SEO reluctance.   But he probably paid well, 
and certainly, for a small and relatively simple site, is paying 
a massive hosting fee.   I think he said $390 a month.   That's 
$4680 a year;  my last fee, though it didn't include paying for a 
shopping script [I used PayPal] was £17.50 a year - about $35!!! 
And I am sure that host would have accomodated his traffic at 
that fee level.

But then you know the easiest people to sell to are salesmen ;-).


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