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Thanks for responding.

Our problem is we can't use wireless.   We are uncertain about 
having distribution through the mains wiring;   and the points of 
connection [inbound and computer positions] are too far apart to 
think that ethernet wires are a good option.   And that is apart 
from the difficulty of fixing the wiring round, and how it would 
look and the hazards it might cause.

I am sure it is possible to have each computer pick up via its 
own modem [I already have them - SmartAX 882 - due to failed 
attempts!], but the question is what problems not having a common 
router might cause - if any.

Each machine must be separately identified anyway, and so though 
all signals would come to both machines they should be filtered 
successfully.   On the other hand would signals out, if leaving 
at the same time risk being confused, or are the packets secure 
from that - since packets wander round by the billion it seems 
unlikely to cause a problem?

I wonder if anyone actually knows, or if it is safe to 


> Dear Joseph,
> I'm not sure if this will help you.  We have our main computer 
> linked to a wireless router (and the broadband) - so it has a 
> hard-wired, physical, connection - and our daughter's laptop 
> accesses the internet wirelessly (at the same time as the main 
> computer or alone if main PC is switched off).  It's a Netgear 
> router.  ChristineE-mail:  gregory_christin at hotmail.com
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>> We are trying for the third time to access broadband. Since I 
>> am not in charge it might work!> > Now, there are two 
>> computers at distant points, and both distant from the 
>> incoming jack. Either one can easily access broadband by 
>> attaching splitter>modem/router at any phone access point. OK, 
>> very ordinary so far,,,> > But if there are reasons for NOT 
>> using wireless, or networking or placing a router at the 
>> ingress point. So, if we place the splitter>router combination 
>> at both computers> a) can the ybe online at the same time?> b) 
>> is there some reason for not going down that path?> > TIA> > > 
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