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joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Fri Jul 4 15:12:27 BST 2008

Hi Chris,

So I've got to get my poor old grey cells moving   ;-).   Trying 
to remember is the worst bit...   And you have certainly woken me 
up to that first essential.   The EasyPHP 2.0 has the very latest 
MyAdmin to the dbs so i think it is otherwise self-configured.

The dist-ini file looked quite bare compared to what I remember 
of the much earlier versions [1.7 and 1.8].   I'll assume the db 
name for wordpress is, undramatically, 'wordpress' and see what 

Thanks for the start.   I'm sure I'll be back  ;-)...

Slipping in another topic  - I want to set up a website and 
domain name at no cost or as near  thereto as possible;  any 


From: "Christina Lannen"
> Okay, Joseph.  I think the first step is getting EasyPHP to 
> configure.  Then
> setup an empty MySQL database.  Then install WP and run the 
> setup.
> Can't help with the EasyPHP since I've never used it, but I do 
> have tons of
> WP experience.
> Chris
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> I have just completely lost myself [reward to finder]...
> I downloaded and installed the latest EasyPHP but didn't
> configure.   i have downloaded the latest wordpress but have
> completely forgotten how to set it up in Easy.   [Haven't 
> looked
> at any of it for a couple of years.]
> I am trying to concentrate on something else, so easy, simple
> instructions please ;-), for a simple person.   The object is 
> to
> experiment with Wordpress which is part of what I am trying to 
> do
> in very non-technical areas.
> If that is understandable any help greatly appreciated.
> Joseph Harris

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