[wdvltalk-social] [OT] system idle process

Adam Cork adam at iqmarketing.org.uk
Thu Jan 24 13:46:55 GMT 2008

I'd suggest checking task manager to see
    a) what processes are using most CPU time, and
    b) how much memory each process is using.

I've sometimes found a process using a large amount of memory can be the 
cause of such things. If that gives you any reasonable indication, then 
there's a place to start investigations.

Not sure what to suggest if that doesn't prove useful.


joseph harris wrote:
> From: "David Precious"
>> Adam Cork wrote:
>>> I used to be on this (and the main WDVL list) but set my 
>>> status to idle
>>> on both, as I wasn't getting time to run through the mail I 
>>> received
>>> each day (mainly on the main list). But since the server 
>>> changeover on
>>> the social list, I appear to have been set to receive messages 
>>> again.
>>> I thought I should make my presence known, don't know if any 
>>> of you
>>> remember me - I never posted much before.
>> I remember you Adam - welcome back :)
>>> Anyway, Joseph, the system idle process is designed to account 
>>> for all
>>> unused CPU time, so will often show 99% usage. Basically 
>>> whatever isn't
>>> used up by other processes.
>> Exactly right - the "idle process" isn't really a process at 
>> all, it's
>> just showing what CPU usage isn't being used by other 
>> processes.
>> -- 
>> David Precious
>> davidp at preshweb.co.uk :: http://blog.preshweb.co.uk/
> Thank you both and Hi! Adam.   In that case is there a useful way 
> of finding out why the machine is so 'sticky' at present. 
> Occasionally it works at a reasonable speed, but mostly it comes 
> as near as may be to a cracsh without the actual blood on the 
> road. [Sorry Matt, don't let me put you off  ;-)].
> I imagine it is cloggy registry syndrome, but maybe I should 
> start somewhere else?
> Joseph Harris 
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