[wdvltalk-social] ie7 likes to play

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Tue Nov 20 11:53:13 GMT 2007

From: <darwin at living-images.org>
> Hi Joseph, it might be that she is over-looking the 2 little 
> arrows on both
> sides of the array.  I would also right click to see if the 
> "lock toolbars"
> function is  unchecked to see if it can be fixed by dragging 
> the bar about.
> You can also use cntrlQ to see all tabs.
> cyberkate
> living-images.org

Thanks Kate, for the reply.   But she is saying that the whole 
ie7 browser disappears.  And she can't find anything that brings 
it back.   For a long time she was the one I would go to for 
advice on computer use and programs, so she's got a lot of 
awareness of the way it all works [through W95, 98 and now Xp] - 
as  a user certainly.

I'll check back with her just to make sure, but I am certain it 
is the whole browser that goes.

I change between ie6 and firefox, but doesn't mozilla have tabs 
too?   If so I imagine she's ok with the tab structure and 
controls, since  ie7 tabs are a rip off ;-).


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