[wdvltalk-social] ie7 likes to play

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Hi Joseph, it might be that she is over-looking the 2 little arrows on both 
sides of the array.  I would also right click to see if the "lock toolbars" 
function is  unchecked to see if it can be fixed by dragging the bar about. 
You can also use cntrlQ to see all tabs.
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> My daughter tells me she finds ie7, after a certain number of tabs has 
> opened, plays hide and seek.   -Well it hides and she has no idea how to 
> seek.
> Anyone know what is going on here?
> Please no advice about Linux, Mac or Old Uncle Tom Cobley 'n'all!   ;-) 
> She also finds mozilla, her refuge for the moment, slow and awkward but 
> I'm not clear what is exactly going on here.
> Joseph Harris
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