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Cheryl D Wise cdwise at wiserways.com
Mon Nov 12 16:55:00 GMT 2007

Well if goes is only slightly over a pound a liter your price has only
incised slightly since I was there two years gas when it was 96p to 1.03£
and the US was $2.39 a gallon (63¢ a liter) compared to the current US price
of $3.19 which is 84¢ a liter (national Average price is over $4 in some
areas the California and New York with special formulations and higher taxes
are paid = $1.10 liter). Where I get goes the prier has increase 35¢ in the
last month.

Cheryl D Wise
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From: Joe Fawcett

True, but the tax hasn't increased as a prercentage, we've always paid much
higher taxes then the US on oil and petrol.

So the oil companies have been taking advantage of the weak dollar to
increase profits but now the underlying price has gone up they immediately
pass that on to the end user.

Not that I'm surprised, like most businesses their only interest is to their

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