[wdvltalk-social] A riddle

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True, but the tax hasn't increased as a prercentage, we've always paid much 
higher taxes then the US on oil and petrol.

So the oil companies have been taking advantage of the weak dollar to 
increase profits but now the underlying price has gone up they immediately 
pass that on to the end user.

Not that I'm surprised, like most businesses their only interest is to their 


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>Part of it is tax, a big part of it. My brother turned in his tax receipts
>on departure from the UK and received 40% of what he paid for petrol as a
>tax refund and not all taxes are refunded.
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>It certainly is bad in many ways but what I don't understand is why the
>price of petrol has risen to over £1.00 per litre in England? Barrels of 
>are quoted in dollars so why hasn't the price beeen offset by the weak
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