[wdvltalk-social] Any Cricket Players?

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Throw, Sah!!     THROW!!!   that'll be another gin and it, thank 
you.   Multitharan perhaps, the restofus BOWL.   We bowl 
spinners, leg breaks - or maybe off breaks, chinamen, googlies 
and bodylin...  er that is to say fast.

And POINTS???!!!!    Just leave the gin bottle thanky you very 

Otherwise an exellent short summary of the game...   But I hope 
you are booking in for that PhD Chris...    ;-)

Joseph  [Water Polo - doesn't the mint just dissolve?]

> Christina
> Extremely simplified and expecting nit-picking from the cricket 
> fanatics:
> * 11 players per team.
> * One team bowls while another bats, there are two batsmen in 
> play at any
> one time, one at each end of the wicket which is twenty two 
> yards long and
> has a set of wickets at each end.
> * The wickets comprise of three vertical sticks (the stumps) 
> and the bails,
> two short sticks across the top of the stumps.
> * The bowling team's bowler bowls (throws) the ball at the 
> wickets. If he
> succeeeds in removing the bails the player is out.
> * The batter can also be out by hitting the ball in the air and 
> being caught
> or by preventing the ball stricking the wickets using his leg.
> * Bowling is grouped into "overs", there are six throws of the 
> ball in an
> over. After an over the bowler switches ends to bowl at the 
> other wicket.
> * Play continues until ten players on the batting side are out.
> * The batsman tries to strike the ball so that the two of them 
> can run from
> one wicket to the other. Each time they does this it's a "run", 
> i.e. one
> point to the batting side.
> * If the batsman hits it over the pitch boundary it's four 
> points, or six if
> it goes over without touching the ground.
> * Both sides get two attempts at batting called an innings or 
> alternatively
> a fixed number of overs is agreed.
> * When the game is over the side with the most runs wins.
> Joe
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>>Wow!  I've never heard of a game being asexual.  Too mild 
>>mannered?  IN
>>other words a game for gentlemen? Anyway I'm not going to play 
>>baseball anyday.
>>And he's an Aries.  I've never heard of an Aries being asexual. 
>>worse the Scorpios.
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>> >Can someone explain to me in very simple terms how one plays 
>> >cricket?  Is
>> >the whole purpose to knock the sticks down? And is that 
>> >before someone
>> >the ball or if it's in play knock them down before getting 
>> >"home"
>> >vernacular)?
>>Don't bother learning.  Cricket is exceedingly asexual (pace P
>>Tinniswood).  Find another of his interests.
>>Yours helpfully,

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