[wdvltalk-social] he's back

darwin at living-images.org darwin at living-images.org
Fri Dec 7 15:26:47 GMT 2007

Hi Christine, I surely can sense a movie deal amongst all the wind. Looks 
like maybe Daddy has been very naughty!  All that time hanging out in 
prisons can do that to a man I take it. Either coming clean or finding 
himself swindled will remain to be seen.  An ex teacher as well they say,  I 
wonder if he named his teddy Monty Python hmmmm If it is true they didn't 
know then I think of the poor sons, I can imagine that their world has been 
completely turned upside down and my heart goes out to them, they probably 
will never trust again.

I think the canoeist has taken over where comedy quips are concerned. 
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