[wdvltalk-social] Frockumentary

darwin at living-images.org darwin at living-images.org
Tue Dec 4 04:56:38 GMT 2007

I must say I did enjoy a little late night trashy tv last night when Paris 
Hilton and Nicole Richie, during her skinny period, play hosts at a Fat camp 
and were giving enemas to the not-so-happy campers, & taking snaps to 
remember this happy occasion, and then keeping the campers company with low 
brow chit chat in the out door bog. Hilarious! Absolutely poor taste, and 
then later that night the fat ones were complaining of hunger so Paris and 
Nicole stole the owners truck and dragged the fridge around the paddock, but 
alas it remained firmly in its chains and Paris once again exposed to be an 
ABSOLUTE bimbo Hahaha. 'The Simple Life' was axed when it became apparent 
that the jail time was unavoidable.  Also worth mentioning are the heart 
warming moment when they go to sleep saying "good-night b***h". Glad it is 
on so late. Better than watching the pimple channel. Cheers Kate 

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