[dancer-users] DPAE logging

Nathan Bailey web at polynate.net
Tue Jun 13 02:23:19 BST 2017

Hi all,
 I'm trying to work out why my permission_denied_page_handler isn't working
in Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::Extensible.

However, as a separate problem I get none of DPAE's logging messages.

If I write:
       app->log(core => "Testing 1..2..3..");
in my app, this message doesn't appear anywhere in my log files. Where
should it be going/appearing?

Note that this is true whether I use 'logger: File' or 'logger: LogReport'

PS: Pertinent to the original problem, if I dump app, I can see that
permission_denied_page_handler *has* been set to
MyApp::permission_denied_page_handler but the subroutine in MyApp.pm never
gets called.
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