[dancer-users] Dancer2::Plugin::Database Set transaction isolation level read uncommitted in quick_select

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Wed Nov 2 07:24:34 GMT 2016

Hello Jason,

the object returned by the database keyword is essentially a DBI handle, so you can use it for any SQL operation like DBI does.


On 2 November 2016 05:16:23 CET, Jason Lewis <jason at dickson.st> wrote:
>Fellow dancers,
>Is there some way can get database->quick_select in
>Dancer2::Plugin::Database to execute some sql statement prior to the
>Specifically I need to execute "Set transaction isolation level read
>uncommitted" in order to avoid my queries being blocked.
>What would be really nice is if there was an additional parameter you
>could pass into quick_select of whatever sql to execute before the
>Any ideas?
>Jason Lewis
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