[dancer-users] Mig Dancer 1 to 2: set confdir does not work?

Jochen Schnuerle js at betabox.de
Tue May 24 14:50:03 BST 2016


 >> I read that I must create a .dancer file in the etc dir:
 > Read where?

an email from Russell: 

But I don't unterstand.

 > It is inside a loop that works by walking up the directory hierarchy, 
not down.  That is, the .dancer trick would only work for a case like:
 >     project
 >         subdir/.dancer
 >            subsubdir
 > …when you start your app from subsubdir, and it fails to find ‘bin’ 
or ‘lib’ in that directory.  It goes up one level, finds the .dancer 
file, and assumes that is the root of the project, as far as Dancer is 
concerned.  Your scheme doesn’t work because it is *below* the current 
working directory you run plackup within, not above it.

In my Dancer1 source I have following lines:

set confdir          => "/opt/test/fsi/etc";
set envdir           => "/opt/test/fsi/etc";
set environment      => 'development';

I start searching in the Dancer2 source and found config_location and 
environments_location ... so I try:

set config_location        => '/opt/test/fsi/etc';
set environments_location  => '/opt/test/fsi/etc';
set environment            => 'development';

But I think I misunterstood this, because it doesn´t work.

I just want to move my config.yml in the sub dir /etc.

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