[dancer-users] tt tags

Andrew Beverley andy at andybev.com
Mon Jan 18 22:46:30 GMT 2016

On Tue, 2016-01-19 at 00:06 +0200, Kadir Beyazlı wrote:
>    [KB] I know that start and end tags of template toolkit can be
> defined at config.yml but my problem is that .tt file does not accept
> the tags I defined at config.yml. I defined as follow.
>  template: "template_toolkit"
> engines:
>   template:
>     template_toolkit:
>       start_tag: '<%'
>       end_tag:   '%>'
> And at .tt file I use as follow :
> <% order %>
> But .tt file is still accepting '[%' and '%]'.

I can only think that your config files is not being read properly or it
is being overwritten when multiple configs are merged. Try dumping the
entire config in your app and seeing what it contains ("print Dumper
config" or similar).

> upgraded Dancer2 from 061 to 066 and this occurred.

I've just tried with 0.166 and it's working for me. You could also try
creating a new app:

  dancer2 -a myapp

then un-commenting the TT config in the generated config.yml

If that works, then you have an error in your app somewhere, most likely
in the config parsing/compilation.


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