[dancer-users] request->user

Rick Leir richard.leir at canadiana.ca
Tue Sep 15 13:40:50 BST 2015

On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 7:00 AM,  <dancer-users-request at dancer.pm> wrote:
> Where does Dancer2 get the user that is returned with
> $dsl->app->request->user?
> I have a hard time finding this in Dancer2::Core::Request.pm, where it's
> in the documentation.

Since nobody has answered this, I will take a stab at it from memory.

My suspicion: if there was Basic Auth, then there will be a User
value. Without auth, I don't think you will get any user value.
It could be from a special URL format, like this:

The User value is encoded in the Authorization header.

If I am right, this is not specific to Dancer.
Cheers -- Rick

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