[dancer-users] Ajax session handling

WK wanradt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 09:48:29 GMT 2015

2015-10-31 0:56 GMT+02:00 Warren Young <wyml at etr-usa.com>:

>> Session::Simple ...
>> is not meant for production.
> That’s only true if “production” means a cluster of computers, or if you need sessions to survive a restart of the Dancer app.

Docs says, it is meant for testing purposes only.

>> And I think, it had some bugs too.
> It’s working fine for us.
> Maybe you’re referring to the fact that it’s essentially single-threaded, which means you have to use it with a single-threaded
> HTTP server on the Dancer side.  (e.g. HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI instead of Starman.)

Yes, it was something like that. When I started app with multiple
workers, they don't share session data. So it was meaningless. But
your explanation give me good ideas, how Session::Simple would be
still very useful. Thank you for sharing.

Kõike hääd,


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