[dancer-users] Delayed template processing

Joerg Fallmann fall at tbi.univie.ac.at
Thu Oct 15 19:10:18 BST 2015

Hi again,
Does anybody know if and how it is possible
to render a template for the user and
then forward to a new route,

Something like

|get '/routeA/:*?' => sub { my $id = params->{'id'}; my $blub =
params->{'blub'}; delayed { my $tt = Template->new( {INCLUDE_PATH =>
"$path", WRAPPER => 'layout.tt', RELATIVE => 1, }) || die "Template
error: $Template::ERROR\n"; $tt->process('view.tt', { 'id' => $id, 'bla'
=> $blub }; flush; content $tt; done; }; forward '/routeB/',{ |
||'id' => $id, 'bla' => $blub| }; }; ||get '/routeB/:*?' => sub { my $id = params->{'id'}; my $blub =
params->{'bla'}; # Do something from here on }; |

That would solve the async response troubles for me I guess.

@John, I'd rather try to do as much as possible without having to handle
JSON additionally,
if async streaming is possible the way I like to use it, I will have no
other choice anyway I guess.


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